Design & Illustration
  • Responsive Web Design - Wirhalh Skip Felagr
  • Responsive Web Design - Kayak Capers
  • Game Design - Jewel Match 3
  • Responsive Web Design - Wirral Militaria Fair
  • Game Design - Pirate Raiders
  • Web Design - River Access for All
  • Game Design - Jungle Jump
  • Branding - Platefull
  • Game Design - Space Battles
  • 3d - Iryol
  • Branding - Paddler
  • Illustration - Golf App Icon
  • Web Design - Platefull
  • Illustration - Space Environment Deep Space Game
  • Game Design - River Racer
  • Branding - Skillskool
  • Web Design - Hoosier
  • Illustration - Game Token Design
  • Web Design - British Car Auctions
  • Illustration - Turtle
  • Web Design - Design Projects for ecloud50
  • Branding - Tiotflab
  • 3d - Bowland Maths Explorers
  • Web Design - Skillskool
  • Illustration - Snooker App Icon
  • Illustration - Collectable card game templates
  • Web Design - Oddbins
  • Branding - Explorers
  • 3d - Monster_mayhem
  • Branding - Miniature Empire
  • Branding - Wizmatch
  • Game Design - Celticia - Match 3
  • Game Design - Tower Defence
  • App Design - Barclays, DragonPass
  • App Design - Bbank, Traveller
  • Web Design - Barclays, Traveller

design, illustration, 3d and branding

a selection of my work

Traveller - Assurant
app design / web design
Tower Defence
illustration / game design
Wirral Militaria Fair
web design / illustration
Celticia - Match 3
illustration / game design
Envirofone Shop
UX/UI, Web design / illustration
Wizmatch App icon
illustration / branding
Kayak Capers
UX/UI, responsive web design / illustration
Jungle Jump
game design / illustration
Golf App Icon
illustration / branding
River Access for All
UX/UI, responsive web design
3d book illustration
logo design
River Racer
game design / illustration
web design
animation concept
web design
Pirate Game
concept design
app design
web design
HUD display
game design
Space Battle
game development
Smart Admin
library management design
Bibliotheca Handheld
stock control interface
Space Enviroments
board game components
Development concept for Iryol
Space Environments
boardgame tokens
Monster Mayhem
game character designs
childrens book illustration
web design
book illustration
web design
Urban Kayak
clothing design
Space Corridors
environmental game elements
Spell me UK
game design
River Racer
game design
interface illustration
River Racer
card game design

a word from my clients

"Andy is a skilled and enthused creative that is capable of putting his hand to many disciplines, from design and illustration through to 3D, video and audio. He has a strong passion for what he does and this is reflected in the fact that once the working day has come to an end, you'll normally find him creating another masterpiece of his own. The sign of a true artist!"
"It has been a pleasure to work with Andy during his time at Envirofone. Right from interview I've found Andy to be one of the most cheerful and uplifting individuals to work with. Bundle with superb design and development skills Andy is one of those few individuals I would heartily recommend. "
"Although my time with Andy at Allow was relatively short he proved himself to be a creative and dependable talent. When things get stressful Andy remains calm and focused on the job at hand - very handy in a start-up or agency environment.
The biggest thumbs up I can give Andy is that I'm asking him to do some design for my next venture..."
"Andy has always proven to deliver very accomplished and exciting design and illustration. He is a very adaptable illustrator working in a variety of styles and has a tremendous amount of experience working within corporate design restrictions. He also reacts well to an open brief, often delivering designs that have impact. One of Andy's underlying strengths is his understanding of technology, his skillset is very rounded and has always led to a very positive working relationship. His attitude is always professional and his visual solutions are a constant surprise. Would be happy work with andy again."
"Working with Andy was a pleasure, a genuinely 'nice guy', always helpful, prepared to do that bit extra and and technically very capable; nothing ever seemed to get to him, even when deadlines were extremely tight and others were panicking Andy had a chilled out and relaxed demeanour which had a calming influence on others around him therefore having a positive effect on the project/situation at hand :) "
"Regarding Andys professional skills his portfolio can tell volumes, the few things that I can add is his outstanding speed of delivery, calm working under pressure and desire to learn. His ability to create visual content, change designs on the fly and deliver pixel-perfect results before the deadline was valued by everyone and brought a lot of new business to the company. "
"I've worked with Andy for a few years now and have always been impressed with his professional approach to work and his design knowledge. He's genuinely a great person to work with, calm under pressure and has great UX, HTML and CSS skills. He is always looking to learn and try new techniques to enhance his already considerable knowledge and skillset's. Andy is great at taking an idea and turning it into something very usable for both the stakeholder and end user with is such a great asset."

exceeding expectations

Gareth Jones
Director - Learnalot
Andys' work is always first class and looks great. He has a great eye for detail in all his designs for us and he's a top bloke in general.
Cairngorm Ranger Service
The work Andy has produced for our safety poster campaign has been proven to save lives! He has presented our safety points in a clear, fun way.
Sam Tyler
Director - ecloud50 / Freshclick
Andy has consistently produced great designs which my clients love. He is always willing to offer advice and guidance to give the best results for my clients.
Rob Lenehan
Andy has always proven to deliver very accomplished and exciting design and illustration.
Chris Millbank
Andy has produced a great responsive site for me allowing me to promote my business.
H H Remedy - Hoosier
Andy designed a site that fits beautifully with our ethos and has improved our public face.
Sam Hubert
Andy has the ability to understand exactly what I wanted and produce the goods.
John Hampshire
Defining our scribbles into a coherent design allowed us to see the future for our site.
James Cowie
Co-owner - Lazyweb
Andy has turned our scribbled notes into some really cool designs for our app.
Ross Wildman
Andy has produced a great brand and website design for us to promote our group.
Catherine Boyd
Andy understands what your requirements are even when you cannot voice them! He turns my thoughts into stunning designs.
Dimitar Kazakov
I was impressed by his unique skills to be able to balance between the artist's creative passion and the constraints imposed by business.
Matt Baker
Cragswept is a cool climbing site thanks to Andys' lovely design.