Viking Project
Illustration & Information Design
Project Overview
Educational Designs for Wirhalh Skip Felagr's (Wirral Vikings) Schools Information project. The educational material was made in conjunction with the UK schools key stage material on viking history.
Project Details

Case Study


To create a series of illustrations to complement the Key Stage 2 education material for History - Vikings.


Analysis of the existing History Key Stage 2 requirements.

The existing and future development plans for Key Stage 2 - Vikings were analysed to confirm the key points to be taught throught the documentation to be created.

Lesson plan development with educational advisers and teachers confirmed the validity of the material to be developed.

Analysis from consultations feedback both with educational advisors, teachers, pupil user groups, local viking historians and reenactors, defined the development of the educational material.

The combined use of the consultations allowed potential issues to be raised in the interpretation of the local history which in turn allowed the Government via the education departments to amend future historical teaching.


Utilising the analysis as a basis for the development of the edcuational material.

Educational advisor approved sketch concepts were developed and tested with the pupil user groups in lesson settings. Feedback allowed for further development and refinement of the infomation designs..

The concept designs were developed into final educational material for approval.


Bringing history to life

The educational material can be used as part of class lessons to aid learning in the subject.

By the use of reenactors the educational materials can be brought to life aiding the pupils knowledge of the subject for Key Stage 2.

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