App and Web Design
Project Overview
Website and App design for Lifestyle Services Group Limited (LSG) in partnership with DragonPass. LSG are one of the leading providers of lifestyle and protection products across Europe, serving over 11 million customers. Their products and services include mobile phone and gadget insurance, extended warranty and personal privacy protection, which they provide for many of the UK's most recognisable high street brands.
Project Details

Case Study


The challenge was to create a Website and App for Assurant Traveller to be utilised for a number of clients. Laying the foundations for a new digital rewards platform to grow the existing customer base.


Customer analysis, one to one and group consultations, A/B Testing, interviews and workshops were held with customers, staff, and broader stakeholders to guide the development of the project proposal containing the analysis, requirements and suggestions for digital 'rewards platform'.

The analysis of the current technology gave an extensive overview of the variety of operating systems and limitations for each device and product range.

The analysis and client consultations defined the goals and expectations from the audience and client for the sites development.

Analysis from consultations feedback, data and analytics from the existing rewards platform, supported the initial hypothesis that the future development would have to be designed to conform to a general company style whilst allowing them to work in their own individual formats and systems.

The new sites development had to encompass clearer more defined information architecture, clear content definition, simplified navigation structure and a more streamlined user experience for greater ease of use.


Utilising the analysis as a basis for the sites development.

Client approved sketch concepts were developed into interactive wireframes check the IA, site structure and user experience was consistent with the aspirations and goals of the client. A / B testing was undertaken with these designs to understand the users requirements.

The concept designs were created and worked up to final launch designs maintaining a functional yet enjoyable user experience for both the responsive website and the App.


Bringing the site to life

The new site has been developed encompassing a 'responsive' framework to allow for the maximum exposure on all devices.

Continuing analysis and development of the design allows for the continued development of the site to maximise potential.


14,043 signups to site
Jan- March 2016

7 Organisations Worldwide,
Over 57,000 customers

850 Lounges Worldwide
July 2016

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