Tower Defence
Game Assets
Project Overview
Game Asset development for forthcoming Tower defence game.
All images shown with permission of the developer.
Project Details

Case Study


To create a series of reuseable game assets that can be utilised in a number of different scenarios.


Game concept analysis and stakeholder discussions to guide the development of the game assets.

The analysis of the game concept gave an extensive overview of the requirements for the forthcoming development.

As usability of assets was essential. Refined lists or assets were created with reusable universal assets and specific location assets.


Utilising the analysis as a basis for the game assets development.

Concept designs were created for approval and were then worked up into test designs which can be converted into working mockups to make such all components work together.

The concept designs were worked up to final launch designs, in situ and user tested to help fresh out any issues.


Bringing the game to life

The solution allowed for the development of multiple screens by the use special vector brush shapes to create paths and foliage.

Multiple individual elements were created in a series of categories. Stonework, Foliage, Buildings, Woodwork. As well as specialist elements such as markers and various UI elements for the interfaces.

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