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Project Overview
Envirofone required a e-commerce design and front end development (B2C) for their new online sales venture. The mission was to combine trustworthiness, usability and a clear concise sales funnel to maximise profitability.
Project Details
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Case Study


The challenge was to create a brand new sales portal for one of the UK's leading providers of refurbished phones and tablets to develop the foundations for a new digital sales platform to grow the existing customer base.


Customer analysis, one to one and group consultations, interviews and workshops were held with customers, staff, and broader stakeholders to guide the development of the project proposal containing the analysis, requirements and suggestions for digital 'shop front'.

The analysis and client consultations defined the goals and expectations from the audience and client for the sites progression.

Analysis from consultations feedback, data and analytics from the existing purchasing platform, supported the initial hypothesis that the existing site was over-complicated, confusing and frustrated audiences looking for product they required.

The new sites development had to encompass clearer more defined information architecture, clear content definition, simplified navigation structure and a more streamlined user experience to allow for greater CRO.


Utilising the analysis as a basis for the sites concept development.

Client approved sketch concepts were developed into interactive wireframes check the IA, site structure and user experience was to consistent with the aspirations and goals of the client. A / B testing was undertaken with these designs to maximise potential customer conversion.

Once approved, defined user tested designs were created and worked up to final launch designs. These designs would be constantly monitored and improved to achieve the best CRO possible.


Bringing the site to life

The new site has been developed encompassing a 'responsive' framework to allow for the maximum exposure on all devices. The front and backend database development were kept separate to allow for ease of development.

Continuing analysis will see the introduction of design 'tweaks' to allow for the continued development of the site and maximise potential.


5176 statements of interest in first month
May 2015

495 sales, £111k revenue
May - June 2015

E - commerce conversion rate 0.64%
June 2015

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