Protecting Your Information
Project Overview
Allow was created to protect your privacy and information whilst online. Allow provided a series of tools to allow you to check online where your information was public knowledge and then help you to remove the information you want to.
Project Details

Case Study


The challenge was to create a trust site with the purpose of empowering people to use the sites tools and sign up to the system whilst also keeping the requirements of the venture capitol backers.


The whole purpose of the site was to empower trust in the system and the tools on offer to protect privacy of online information. Customer analysis, one to one and group consultations, interviews and workshops were held with customers, personal information suppliers, marketeers to guide the development of the project proposal containing the analysis, requirements and suggestions for the development of the original concept.

The analysis and client consultations defined the goals and expectations from the audience which would guide the development of the site.

Analysis from consultations feedback, data and analytics from the existing research showed the conveyance of trust in the site would be one of the initial main goals for the sites development

The new sites development had to encompass clear concise information architecture, precise content definition, simple navigation structure and a structured guided approach to the presentation of the sites tools.



Utilising the analysis as a basis for the sites concept development.

The analysis and user research development concepts were developed into interactive wireframes check the IA, site structure and user experience was to consistent with the aspirations and goals of the sites purpose.

A / B testing was undertaken with these designs as well as promotional single page sites that would lead people into the final set of tools to use. These different pages were designed for specific problems that arise in the handling of personal data allowing the sites to maximise potential customer conversion.

Once approved, defined user tested designs were created and worked up to final launch designs. These designs would be constantly monitored and improved to achieve the best CRO possible.


Bringing the site to life

The new main trust site was developed encompassing a 'responsive' framework to allow for the maximum exposure on all devices. The front end interface design and back end database development were kept separate to allow for ease of development. In tandem with the front end tool-set creation the promotional landing pages were also created targeting the different user groups that were targetted through the initial analysis.

Continuing analysis of feedback and user data would see the introduction of design 'tweaks' to allow for the continued development of the site and maximise potential. The analysis was undertaken on the main tool set and also the landing pages to maximise potential sign ups for the project.


10,462 user trails in first month

5,324 confirmed signups

50.88% conversion from trial to signup

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